Week 16 (LATE) Best Bets

Raise your hand if you weren’t ready for Saturday Football.

I am currently typing this sentence with my nose because both my hands are raised.

As I woke up on Saturday morning, the reality set in on me and I saw that I had just a couple of hours to put together my various daily fantasy entries for the day.

The result? A wild day with five figure swings where we ended up in the hundreds and where I didn’t get a chance to write my typical Saturday Best Bets article.

So, without any context whatsoever, and merely to lock in the bets for our patented bet tracker, here are my five picks for the today.

Next week, we will plan better and have our typical article back and that will continue through the playoffs.

Here are my five Week 16 Best Bets:



DEN -7 vs DET

MIN -5 vs GB (Sorry, Mike)

NO @ TEN under 50

No parlays this week, sorry.

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