Week 14 Recap - What WORMS Means

Folks, we might have something here.

After another big week for WORMS, it might be time to start taking this seriously.

Heading into Monday Night Football, WORMS is 10-3-2 against the spread in Week 14 and 11-4 straight up. That drives its records over the past month to 37-16-3 and 37-19, respectively. That would put it in the ballpark of picking two-thirds of its games correctly, which would be relatively unheard of. The record is even more impressive when considering the strength of the Delta and the return on suggested percentage bets, but I’ll write more on that on Wednesday.

Of course this is a small sample size and should not be taken as a guarantee of future success, but each week that WORMS performs this way, we can get a little more excited.

So far, out of the five weeks it has been fully published, WORMS has double digit wins against the spread in four of those weeks. It has two losses or less in three of those weeks. Certainly this could be outperforming what it will do in the long run, but evidence is piling up that WORMS is valuable.

And with that in mind, our recap is going to focus on the human side of things when it comes to WORMS. We have three weeks left in the season and now is the time to share some things, ask some things, and tell some things.

Here is the Week 14 recap – What WORMS Means.

What WORMS Means: We can change lives (or at least help you win a little money)

Instead of spending a long section talking hypothetically about the power of WORMS, I wanted to share a story from someone in our community who reached out and let me know how WORMS has impacted them.

Protecting this person’s identity (so that we don’t all run to ask him for money) we will call him Trevor.

Trevor is an outstanding person, someone who has dedicated their life to other people and to helping the world be a better place. In doing so, though, Trevor hasn’t always been rewarded monetarily for his time.

An avid reader of OEF, Trevor put his faith in our hands and in WORMS right at the beginning. Setting up his first gambling account, he deposited $100 and began making $50 bets using WORMS.

After a couple of weeks he had worked himself up to a few hundred dollars. That’s when everything changed. Using WORMS he identified Washington as a good bet over the Panthers and the Dolphins as a good bet over the Eagles in Week 13. He hit a big parlay including those two and was into four figures.

Now, you might say betting Washington and the Dolphins was reckless, but this is why WORMS is so important. Our preconceived notions mean that we have trouble imagining that anything else besides the obvious will happen. Of course Philly will beat Miami because that is what is supposed to happen.

WORMS is an advantage because it removes biases and looks at the numbers. That’s why so many people in the Owl Hive won money on Washington again this week. They stink, but the numbers say they don’t stink as much as we may be told by narratives.

Back to Trevor. This past week he took those winnings and spread them around three of WORMS’ top picks (Tennessee, Kansas City, and Baltimore) while mixing in some of the other bets. He won everything and now he is pushing five figures.

Of course in this run, Trevor has managed to identify bad games and avoid them. He didn’t bet on the Browns this week (who missed covering by .5 points) and he avoided the Jets against the Bengals the week before. This is not all algorithm based; context still matters.

The moral of the story here is that WORMS is not a guarantee, but it is a pathway to increased opportunity. Trevor was able to identify the games within WORMS’ upper echelon that he felt good about and he has made enough to buys a (used) car.

Next week he will keep turn to WORMS to keep his streak going and try to upgrade that to a Tesla. No one deserves it more, but anyone could do this. Even you.

What WORMS Means: We need more eyes on the site

And now that I’ve buttered you up with stories of five figure paydays, it’s time to ask for something.

I have been hesitant to put this site out there too much before I knew what it was. I didn’t want people to struggle through changes and redirections every week for fear that they might lose the thread and never return.

But now I feel like our identity is cementing itself. With another week of WORMS viewable and a tight content schedule together, it feels like it is time to hook some readers before then end of the season.

So I ask, humbly and with no strings attached, for you to spread the word about Owl Eats Football.

There is no need to push it or over exaggerate what it can do, but if you know anyone who is a fan of football who bets or might want to start, do me a favor and send them here for Wednesday’s WORMS Best Bets.

Our goal by the end of the season is to get 100 views on the WORMS articles and to grow this community as we head into an offseason where we hope to make everything bigger and better for 2020-2021.

The key to that, however, is to put ourselves in a position to reach more eyes. We can’t do that without some help.

It’s not quite like being an early investor in Apple, but it is like being one of the first people to own a MacBook. All we ask is that if you find yourself enjoying the content and impressed with WORMS, pass along the link to someone else, tweet it out, give us a like, or just shout it from the roof tops.

More people will mean more opportunities for this site to build on what has been a monumental first season.

What WORMS Means: We have to make some changes

I am man enough to admit when I am too much of a man.

After seeing the results the past few weeks, I admit that my human brain is not the engine behind this site anymore (although as the inventor of WORMS my brain objects).

Given the success and impartiality of WORMS, it has become clear to me that moving forward there should be more of a focus on WORMS and less of one on me and my long-winded articles. This does not mean that there will be no writing or context given to the picks, but just that the site needs to be centered around the machine learning and production of my creation, rather than my inconsistent and biased writings.

So, this week the site will be reorganized to offer users new and old the opportunity to navigate right to the picks. The articles will still be accessible, but will be less prominently featured on the home page. The WORMS Primer will be updated and the WORMS page will be modified to more accurately convey data.

In other words, we are a coach who is realizing the power of a player and reorganizing our offense around that players skills. WORMS is Lamar Jackson and I am John Harbaugh.

And here is where we again ask something of you. As the site grows and changes, please share with us your reactions and interactions with our content. If a new layout is good, let us know! If a change in organization is confusing, let us know! If you don’t want to get involved, let us know!

I design this site from my own perspective, but in doing so I can forget what it is like to look at it from the outside. Just like fans boo and cheer when a player or coach plays, I need you to let me know how the OEF performance is going. This can be done on twitter (@stueast13), through email (OwlEatsFootball@gmail.com), or in the comments section below.

WORMS is going somewhere, and if you want to help us decide where, speak up and be a part of history. And also the future.

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