Friday Mock Lineups - Week 5

Alright. It is our second ever edition of Friday Mock Lineups, and the first one was moderately successful.

Our cash lineup was a hit, totaling 142 points without a flex or a defense. In cash games, it is ideal to hit 150, as most weeks that will double you up or put you over the average head to head lineup. We did that provided you remembered to put a living breathing player in the flex and played some sort of real defense (i.e. not Washington or Miami).

Our tournament lineup and our stack were not quite as successful, but by their nature they are going to be more volatile. I will point out that it was a stack that won the Milli Maker (Goff-Kupp-Woods and bringing it back with Godwin) so that strategy itself is a sign that our process is correct. We just have to pick a better game to stack.

And finally, our contrarian lineup bombed, but that shows it was a good contrarian lineup in the sense that it would have been abnormal for it to do well. If it did do well, though, we would have been alone at the top.

Moving forward, we are looking to develop some way of keeping track of our success in the same way we do our bets, but for now the best way is to just play these lineups and then check your account Sunday night.

Final note, a lot is going to change between now and Sunday. There are rumors Saquon plays, Sam Darnold was just ruled out, and Washington might just decide to shutter their football team. Pay attention to the news and remember these are just starting points.

The Guidelines

In this article, we are going to give you the basis to build four different kinds of lineups:

  • A Cash lineup - One full of guaranteed volume, high floors and decent ceilings.

  • A Tournament lineup - One full of high upside potential and a healthy does of risk

  • A Stacked lineup - One that relies on a single game to provide most of its potential.

  • A Contrarian lineup - One that flies in the face of conventional thought and banks on something crazy happening.

For this segment, and because it is where I spend most of my time, this will be based off of DraftKings pricing. Along with each pick, I will include some quick shorthand for why this player is being played in this spot.

Also, per DraftKings rules, I cannot give out full lineups. For that reason, and because it is important for you to make them your own, I will leave both the Flex and the Defense positions open.

One final reminder, we get $50,000 to spend on each lineup and you should spend it how you see fit. These are merely suggestions and you win the most money when you believe in what you are doing.

So without further ado, here are four lineup starters for you:

Cash Game Lineup

QB Matt Ryan - ATL - $5900 - Low price, weak opponent secondary, consistent production

RB Dalvin Cook - MIN - $8400 - Positive game script, high volume, high floor/ceiling

RB David Johnson - ARI - $7500 - Great matchup, high receiving volume, guaranteed role

WR Keenan Allen - LAC - $7300 - Elite volume, lack of competition for targets, good matchup

WR Michael Thomas - NO - $6600 - Elite volume, low price, good matchup, good script

WR Auden Tate - CIN - $3500 - #2 receiver, good matchup, high volume, high scoring game

TE Austin Hooper - ATL - $4500 - Strong production, high scoring game, high floor

Total cost: $43200

Amount left: $6800

Tournament Lineup

QB - Philip Rivers - ATL - $5800 - High ceiling, low owned, lots of responsibility (opportunity)

RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR - $8700 - High volume, high floor/ceiling, center of offense

RB - Leonard Fournette - JAX - $6400 - High volume, opp. bad vs RBs, center of offense

WR - Keenan Allen - LAC - $7300 - Elite volume, lack of target competition, good matchup

WR Marquise Brown - BAL - $5700 - High ceiling, positive regression, bad opp. secondary

WR Will Fuller - HOU - $4500 - High ceiling, positive regression, high scoring, pass heavy

TE - Evan Engram - NYG - $5800 - Massive target share, high floor/ceiling, good matchup

Total cost: $44200

Amount left: $5800

Stack Lineup (ARI-CIN + TB-NO )

QB Andy Dalton - CIN - $5700 - Good matchup, low ownership, high ceiling, high paced

RB David Johnson - ARI - $7500 - Great matchup, high receiving volume, guaranteed role

RB Ronald Jones - TB - $4600 - Growing role, improved production, positive regression due

WR Tyler Boyd - CIN - $6500 - High volume, good matchup, QB correlation, high ceiling

WR Larry Fitzgerald - ARI - $6000 - High ceiling, high scoring, pass heavy, high pace

WR Mike Evans - TB - $7000 - Elite usage, great matchup, huge potential, high scoring

TE Tyler Eifert - CIN - $3300 - Best matchup, red zone threat, high ceiling

Total cost: $41200

Amount left: $8800

Contrarian Lineup

QB Joe Flacco - DEN - $4700 - Ability to produce, strong game script, high potential

RB - Christian McCaffrey - CAR - $8700 - High volume, high floor/ceiling, center of offense

RB Ezekiel Elliot - DAL - $8300 - Great matchup, home favorite, high volume, high ceiling

WR Courtland Sutton - DEN - $4900 - High volume, good opportunity, best corner injured

WR Keenan Allen - $7300 - Positive regression coming, team needs to increase involvement

WR Keke Coutee - $3400 - High scoring, increased opportunity, good matchup, high ceiling

TE Dallas Goedert - PHI - $2900 - Highest scoring team on the slate, low price, high ceiling

Total cost: $40300

Amount left: $9700

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