What is

FEATHERS is the magic maker. All of the data to the left is run through our regression and consolidated into one number - a number that mirrors Vegas spreads to make pinpointing targets easier. One click here and you'll have all the best bets for the week.

The Formula

Turning algorithms to predictions

The Algorithms 

The three OEF original data points

WORMS Pink Final.jpg
What is

OEF's take on power rankings. NEST takes WORMS and runs it through a round robin simulation of the league. The end result is the record of each team if they played everyone right now.

What is

BARNS is our most specialized tool. A look at each week's matchups through the lens of rushing and passing. A great way to spot advantages within each matchup.

What is

The OG Algorithm. OEF's first unique piece of data, WORMS is designed to produce a more realistic spread for each game. Vegas sets lines that will make them money, these are the lines that more accurately reflect reality.