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Owl Eats Football was born out of lessons learned in the classroom.

As a former teacher, I noticed that schools are no longer a place where information is relayed, but rather a place where students are taught how to process information.

As a successful part-time Fantasy Football player and Gambler I noticed the same trend in the football community. Mountains of information were available, but people were not learning how to properly synthesize that information.

That's where I come in! Taking in all the information for you, I produce meaningful and insightful content that steers you in the most profitable directions


Owl Eats Football is founded by me, Stuart Easton.

After years of teaching while playing Fantasy Football and Gambling on the side, I had my first big win last year.

As a result, I have turned my attention full time to pursuing both fantasy and gambling as my main source of income.

My current portfolio includes a lot of small wins on DrafKings and FanDuel playing mostly cash games, but where I make most of my headway is on Draft and through small but growing wagers.

You can find me as stueast13 on Drafkings, Fanduel, Draft, Yahoo, MyBookie. Follow me on Twitter @stueast13 for the latest content updates.

Thank you for checking out the site and please feel free to reach out as I build this brand, this community, and this life.

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